This type of situation, and it is the company’s obligation to guarantee the integrity of the worker through safety programs that have been tested and proven to be effective.

Working in confined spaces is a very big risk. Many workers assigned to work in these areas need to be prepared, so training is necessary, as working in a space of this type is not easy.

Depending on how much space is available, claustrophobia can end up attacking and the person goes into despair and can even get hurt with it. Therefore, being ready to deal with situations of this type requires training.

Security for confined spaces is important. Check out these tips!


It’s no use thinking about ways to secure confined spaces without knowing it beforehand. As I said, it may or may not have a lot of space, present different risks or the worker himself is not psychologically ready.

Before sending someone there, it is necessary to have, more or less, the dimensions of the place, what is there, if there is more than one way to leave and how to remove the worker safely after entering and in case of emergency.

Knowing this information and what else you think is important, you will be able to draw up a safety plan and choose the right equipment to protect your worker in the most diverse situations.


This is foreseen, where access to confined spaces must be blocked for third parties. It’s worth remembering that no one is psychic so, signal the reason for the block, right?!

In these places, only a few authorized people can be, such as the supervisor and, of course, the worker who will perform the service. Security for confined spaces is very well planned, it really should be, and this provides greater security.

The restriction of third parties or other types of personnel, even from the company itself, prevents them from disturbing the work of those who are acting, as well as guaranteeing their integrity.

What’s more, the confined space may end up being narrow, and its access impossible for more than 1 person, so this kind of should be clear. For Confined space rescue click here


Working in confined space places has this risk and what it awakens can be lethal: nervousness.

If you’ve never seen someone with this type of attack or never had it, you don’t know what real despair is when you see price in a place that seems to be closing in like moving walls.

To prevent nervousness from causing problems or despair on the part of the worker, it is necessary to train them to work in any type of confined space.

Confined space safety starts with the worker who is assigned to that part of these places. In addition, the worker needs to be capable of dealing with risks, emergency situations and control measures.


The employer must be aware that safety equipment should not be the only system to protect the worker from potential problems, especially when he works in a confined space situation.

For this, it is necessary to have a very well-designed emergency plan and the help of a very well-trained rescue team to act in these situations with maximum safety and speed, which can calm the worker and get him out of the place safely.


As if the danger of working in confined spaces wasn’t enough, going in without the necessary equipment and certainties is another stupid risk to take, let’s face it.

To avoid problems, it is necessary to verify the environment, as I mentioned in another topic. Then, use the necessary equipment to avoid any type of problem, contamination, error and anything else unexpected that might happen within that space.

Confined space safety requires a good number of equipment, they are:

  • lockout and tagout devices;
  • Helmets;
  • Protection mask;
  • Toxic gas meters;
  • Light (flashlight if necessary);
  • Gloves;
  • Seat belt;
  • Mechanical ventilation and communication equipment.
  • Fuels and oxygen;
  • Boots and glasses;
  • Lock falls;
  • Initial sounding equipment and real-time atmosphere monitoring.
  • Being prepared for any event is the minimum to keep yourself protected in case of unexpected problems while working in confined spaces.

It is worth remembering that It must be checked before use, and maybe after too, to be found as soon as possible the presence of a problem in their safety structure.


For a worker to enter a confined space area, the PET must be in hand. This is the document issued by the entry supervisor. Everyone who works in that area must have one.


Safety in confined spaces must be necessary to prevent the worker from being injured by doing so. You should always have an emergency plan and try to offer the best possible safety equipment to the worker.

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