Unclog the drain pipes: pressure washer and vacuum cleaner to solve the problem

It happened again: the sink drain got clogged. The water drains slowly, or does not flow at all, and we must find a remedy as soon as possible to solve the problem. The causes, alas, are often to be found in our behavior; sometimes, in fact, we do not pay the right attention to what falls into the pipes, so residues of various kinds end up accumulating creating the famous “plug”. Maintaining proper habits is essential to avoid these inconveniences, but when the damage is done it is necessary to take steps to help us restore the situation. So how to unclog the drain pipes? In this article we will see that in addition to the classic remedies, such as suction cups, chemicals and green solutions, there are two very effective tools in case of clogged pipes: the pressure washer and the vacuum cleaner. Let’s find out how to use them best!

How to unclog the drain pipes: the main Remedies:

The obstruction of the pipes may be due to accumulations of various types: residues of soap, food, hair, limescale … a lot, of course, depends on whether it is the sink located in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In any case, the result is always the same: water that drains slowly, if not stagnant, bad smells, the impossibility of using the sink normally. How to proceed, therefore, to unclog the drain pipes? To try to solve the problem autonomously, it is possible to use mechanical or chemical means. Among the main mechanical tools we have:

  • Pressure washer equipped with pipe cleaning kit
  • Vacuum cleaner equipped with suction cup
  • Suction cup plunger
  • Compressed air plunger gun
  • Spring plunger

As for the chemical remedies, however, these allow to dissolve the traffic jam that has formed in the pipe. There are several products on the market specifically designed for this purpose: generally these are acids that must be poured in specific quantities and methods into the sink drain and which help break up the obturation. Before using them, we suggest that you carefully read the instructions and the label, and check that the composition does not damage the material of the pipes; Furthermore, it is advisable to wear rubber gloves when using them to protect the skin. As an alternative to chemical remedies it is also possible to try natural solutions.

How to unclog the drain pipes with a pressure washer:

Did you know that the pressure washer, combined with special accessories, can help you unclog clogged domestic pipes? The use of the high pressure water jet, in reality, is not a new concept for professionals who deal with purging: it is in fact a very effective technique, which allows you to carefully remove the fillings.

If you do not yet have a pressure washer and you do not know this tool, it is useful to know that this machine is normally used for cleaning the external spaces of the house, as it allows you to achieve excellent results in a very short time. Thanks to its versatility, however, you can also use it for different operations such as cleaning pipes. Do you already own a pressure washer? In this case, to carry out this work, all you need to do is purchase a specific accessory to connect to the machine: the pipe cleaning kit, a pipe cleaning probe at the end of which there is a nozzle from which the useful high-pressure water jets come out. to break up the obstruction.

How to unclog the drain pipes with the help of the pressure washer and the specific kit? First of all, it is necessary to select the probe of the suitable length for the pipe on which we have to work: AR Blue Clean provides the 8-meter kit, the 10-meter kit, the 16-meter kit. Once the most appropriate tool has been selected, you can proceed as follows:

Connect the drain cleaning probe to the pressure washer gun:

  • Insert the probe inside the tube to be cleaned; remember that it is good to insert at least 40/50 centimeters of probe in the pipe to avoid the escape of water splashes during its use and that this action must be carried out slowly, without sudden movements
  • Turn on the pressure washer and push the gun lever to activate the high pressure jet; at this point, start manually guiding the probe inside the tube: this will be advanced by the high pressure water jets emitted by the nozzle at the end of the probe
  • Advancing inside the pipe, thanks to the high pressure jet, the probe will be able to break up the obstructions present
  • Before extracting the probe from the tube, release the gun lever and turn off the pressure washer. At this point, remove the probe from the drain, always acting slowly, and clean it thoroughly before putting it away
  • The kit can also be used to clean other types of pipes such as gutters, often subject to accumulations of leaves, or drainage pipes for white or black water. If you have a pressure washer with an internal combustion engine and the pipes to be unclogged are inside, remember that the machine must always be kept outside when it is running, and never indoors.

Unclog the clogged pipes with the Aspirator:

Yes, even the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is one of the possible methods to free the drain pipes: in fact, the vacuum cleaner cans, unlike common vacuum cleaners, can suck up both solid and liquid dirt. They are therefore exceptional for numerous domestic jobs, but also for “extraordinary” operations such as the unblocking of blocked pipes. If the pressure washer is perfect for acting in depth and intervening in the most difficult cases, the vacuum cleaner is a good solution for slightly less complex situations, as it unblocks the first part of the pipe. As with pressure washers, also in this case it is necessary to use suitable accessories: for this job, AR Blue Clean provides Drain Unblocker, the drain cleaner. To clear the clogged pipes, all you need to do is:

Connect the Drain Unblocker to the Aspirator:

Place the suction cup on the drain to be treated, to which it will adhere perfectly: thanks to the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, it will not be difficult to clean the clogged pipe or recover any objects that have fallen into it
If the aspirator is equipped with a drain plug, simply unscrew it to release the liquids and residues collected

Unclogging clogged pipes: from the plunger suction cup to the vinegar and bicarbonate remedy:

Do not underestimate the classic methods and green solutions, often effective to tackle the problem, even if they generally require more effort and effort than the previous solutions. Let’s start with the drain cleaner, one of the first tools that comes to mind when the hassle of a blocked drain arises, and which generally allows you to easily resolve the situation if it is not a major obstruction. Alternatively, we can use a compressed air plunger gun, which uses the high pressure jet of air to remove the traffic jam, or a plunger spring. There are also several natural solutions that we can use to try to unclog clogged pipes. We propose two: the first is salt and bicarbonate, the second is vinegar and bicarbonate.

Salt and baking soda:

This method consists of pouring 4 tablespoons of coarse salt and 4 tablespoons of baking soda inside the drain pipes, then adding a pot of very hot or boiling water.
Vinegar and baking soda: the vinegar and baking soda remedy can help you unclog clogged pipes, as it exploits the chemical reaction that arises from the union of these two elements; you can try pouring a glass of baking soda and half a liter of vinegar down the drain and then a liter of hot water.

The methods described in this article can help you solve the problem of a clogged pipe on your own. In the case of blocks that are difficult to remove or very complex situations, however, remember that it is always advisable to rely on a professional. Furthermore, prevention is better than cure: so why not take small daily precautions, which can avoid unpleasant hassle? A good practice, for example, is to make use of screens that protect the drain. If the suggested methods for unclogging clogged pipes intrigued you, take a look at the wide range of AR Blue Clean pressure washers and vacuum cleaners and choose the tools that best suit your daily and … extraordinary needs!

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