How to get around by public transport in San Diego


San Diego’s public transport system is efficient and state-of-the-art: for those arriving in the city without a car in tow, it is certainly the best way to get from one place to another while saving money.

There is a modern rail transport system, the San Diego Red Trolley, which boasts three lines (Green, Blue, Orange) capable of connecting the tourist (and non-tourist) areas of the city.

We used the tram several times, both to visit San Diego Old Town and to reach the state border with Mexico. It is a safe vehicle, controlled and manned by the police, active every day from 5 am until about half past midnight.

Likewise, the buses are also efficient and available from the early hours of the day until late in the evening, with as many as 89 lines covering the entire territory of San Diego. Unlike the tram, these are vehicles that are a little older and less controlled, but personally we have never felt in danger. For Visa Related Inquiry Click here

Keep in mind that there is a large number of homeless people with psychological problems in San Diego. The advice we give you, in case you choose to travel by public transport, is to avoid staring at these people. This leads them to feel in danger and sometimes react unpredictably.

Getting around by public transport in San Diego: theĀ  Card:

To travel on public transport in San Diego you will need a card, physical or virtual: the Pronto Card.

You cannot pay the driver directly.

We preferred to avoid the cost of issuing the physical card ($ 3) and downloaded the dedicated app, available for any type of smartphone.

By linking your account to a credit or debit card, you can easily top up the amount needed to travel, both by tram and by bus. Things to do in San Diego

Consider that the cost of a ride is 2.50 dollars (always check for any updates on the official website), but if you intend to make various trips you will have the opportunity to buy the day pass for 6 dollars.

It is necessary to validate the trip every time you get on public transport: using your smartphone you must have an active data connection and scan the QR code in the appropriate reader.

From the moment of the first validation you will have two hours to reach your final destination, even using multiple public lines.


San Diego, our final thoughts:

We spent three full days in San Diego and were only able to visit part of it. As we told you, our first impression was not very positive, but we soon changed our minds.

Balboa Park, Coronado and the sunset at Seaport Village will remain three unforgettable moments of our time in San Diego.

We are also confident that, at the end of this difficult period, San Diego Downtown will live in a new light. A hope that we cultivate for the whole world.

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