How to Manage Budget in Travel?

If your budget is limited, your choice will have to fall on 2-3 star hotels or family pensions, typical Las Vegas guest houses managed directly by the locals. Surely this will have to require more adaptability, as the accommodations are very simple. Often there is no air conditioning, sometimes not even hot water, the furnishings of the rooms are standard and there are no luxuries and opulence of large resorts. Here are some budget accommodations that I recommend: Low cost Las Vegas: family pensions for little money.

Therefore, speaking of prices, consider that an overnight stay in Las Vegas in family board or in a standard category hotel is between 150.00 and 250.00 $ per night in a double room (sometimes half board is included in the price, other times only breakfast ).

So, evaluating a stay of a couple of weeks in Las Vegas you will have to consider at least 2,000-3,000 euros for hotels and 3,500-4,500 $ if, on the other hand, the stay extends over three weeks. This is clearly in simple double room accommodation, the costs in the resorts go up exponentially.

The transfers

In addition to the cost of the hotels, you must then add the cost of transfers which is around 10.00-20.00 euros per transfer per person, from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.

Obviously the sum of the costs of the transfers will depend on the cost of the single transfer and the number of transfers required.


Another essential cost to consider is that relating to travel insurance. Thinking of leaving for Las Vegas without a shred of insurance would be madness.

It is very important to have full insurance that covers any loss / damage of luggage, health costs (these are of fundamental importance) and travel cancellation (it does not always happen to others).

In this case, the advice I can give you is to spare no expense. It is always better to insert an extra clause and spend a little more on insurance, rather than spending little and having insurance that does not include all the variables that may occur.

For this, however, I can help you: by clicking on this link you will reach the page of my trust insurance which provides a 10% discount for my subscribers.

Considering a fairly complete policy, keep in mind that you will spend around 100.00 euros per person which can always increase and / or decrease based on the inclusions of the policy.

Meals, excursions and all the extras

In addition to the fixed costs of the trip, other variable costs must also be considered, including meals, excursions and any extras.

Keep in mind that the costs of meals are very high in Las Vegas, as apart from fruit and vegetables (which are cultivable in Las Vegas) most of the products are imported. It goes without saying that it will be difficult to spend less than 50.00 euros per couple in the restaurant for a dish each and a drink.

In fact, the best thing to do is to include half board in the hotels where you will stay (breakfast and dinner), while for lunch you can make do with some street food or some light dishes on the beach.

The excursions, on the other hand, start from a minimum of 100.00 euros per person up to 300.00-400.00 $ for private excursions.

How much does a trip to Las Vegas cost in total?

Moral of the story, so how much does a trip to Las Vegas cost?

In light of the considerations we have made so far – which clearly are very variable and to be “taken with a grain of salt” since costs can totally change based on the choices you make – it goes without saying that to organize a trip to Las Vegas you have to put in account an expense of at least 5,000 $ per person for a two / three week trip, including intercontinental flights, domestic flights, double room accommodation, transfers and insurance. ATV Tour in Las Vegas

This is clearly if you are planning to stay in standard hotels as in resorts the cost can even double.

All the extras on site must be added to the 5,000 $; any meals not included, excursions and all out-of-pocket expenses during the trip.

Did you think a trip to Las Vegas cost less?

If you have a lower budget, you can consider another dream destination that is always part of Las Vegas: Cook Islands or Las Vegas: which destination to choose?

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