Things to do In LA

Beach in LA

There, there are several leisure and entertainment options, such as bike paths for athletes, restaurants and shops by the sea.

Shopping in Los Angeles:

Traveling to Los Angeles and not doing any shopping is a practically impossible task. In fact, many tourists dream of carrying those shopping bags along Rodeo Drive like in the scenes of the classic movie Pretty Woman.

Of course, you will need a good amount of dollars to recreate this scene, but a little bag here and another there, you can make us happy.

If you think that Los Angeles has only famous brands and designers, you are very wrong. The city has a wide variety of stores, malls and outlets with very affordable prices. So, here are some tips for places to shop in Los Angeles:

Fashion District:

Can you imagine a popular market in Los Angeles? That’s right, and it’s very similar to the clothing markets and fairs here in India. For Visa Click Here

The Fashion District is a neighborhood in Los Angeles with numerous colorful stalls that line the sidewalks. There you can find pieces for up to US$1 and jeans for US$10.

Outlets in Los Angeles:

If you want quality products, but without spending too much, Outlets are great shopping options.

It is quite common to find promotions and discounted products from well-known brands such as GAP, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, H&M and many others. Check out the outlet options in Los Angeles:

  • Citadel Outlet: located right in downtown Los Angeles, it has more than 130 stores and unmissable discounts.
  • Camarillo Premium Outlets: it is about 1h30 from Los Angeles, towards Santa B├írbara. The space is even bigger and has almost 200 stores of major international brands.
  • Ontario Mills: nothing less than the largest outlet in the state of California, with over 200 stores. It is an hour from Los Angeles, in the city of Ontario.
  • Desert Hills Premium Outlet: it is also about 1 hour from Los Angeles, but towards Las Vegas, in the Cabazon region. There are more than 120 stores and unbeatable prices.
  • Malls in Los Angeles
  • Of course, you won’t find prices as low as in the outlets, but the malls in Los Angeles have great stores and the most varied prices.

Not to mention that this type of tour is always pleasant. Therefore, we suggest these two options:

The Grove Mall: an open-air mall with several charming shops and restaurants, in addition to the proximity of several tourist attractions.
Santa Monica Place: another open-air mall, only located in Santa Monica, very close to the beach. The restaurants are some of the highlights.

Rodeo Drive:

Of course, the classic street of palm trees and designer stores could not be left out. In fact, several artists order their Red Carpet dresses from designers in Beverly Hills.

In other words: you will have to pay a huge amount of dollars if you want to shop here. Whether you spend it or not, strolling through the windows of the world’s biggest fashion brands is almost mandatory.

Also include Two Rodeo Drive in that list, which is an open-air mini mall with 24 luxury stores, including Porsche Design, Tiffany & Co and the renowned Versace.

Where to eat in Los Angeles:

For me, one of the coolest parts of a trip is trying the local cuisine, because it is part of the experience to taste traditional flavors and dishes.

And in Los Angeles, there are numerous gastronomic options in the many bars, restaurants, fairs and street markets, with the most varied regional products and also from various parts of the world.

A very cool option that can be added to your list of tours is The Original Farmers Market, which is always packed with tourists in search of delicacies from all over the world. With several stalls and restaurants, at Farmers Market you will find Japanese, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, Indiaian food and much more.

Still in this street market footprint, also visit the Grand Central Market, the oldest market in the city, located in the historic Homer Laughlin Building. In this market, you will find several stalls, snack bars and restaurants with tasty food. By the way, some good indications.

However, if you want to have lunch or dinner somewhere cool in the city, here are some suggestions for restaurants in Los Angeles that cater to all tastes, pockets and palates:

  • Providence: elegant atmosphere specializing in seafood;
  • India’s Tandoori: top quality Indian food;
  • California Pizza Kitchen: a pizzeria could not be left out;
  • Cleo Hollywood: specializing in Mediterranean cuisine;
  • For those who can’t do without a good Indian barbecue;
  • Delicious crepes and waffles, plus sandwiches, soups and salads;
  • Dumpling House: Chinese food at a great price.

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