Touristic Spot in California:

Beach in LA
  • Walt Disney Concert Hall: it is one of the most important concert halls in California and a true architectural masterpiece, as its structure is made entirely of steel;
  • La Live: a huge entertainment, gastronomic, sports complex and even with hotel options;
  • California Science Center: the Science Center attracts many visitors who are curious about the mysteries of the universe and want to see the Endeavor, NASA’s special shuttle, up close.
  • Los Angeles Cathedral: unlike most cathedrals, the one in Los Angeles has a super modern architecture that draws a lot of attention;
  • The Broad: yet another Museum of Contemporary Art for you to discover;
  • Los Angeles Library: It has beautiful architecture, inside and out;
  • Little Tokyo: how about getting to know Japan a little without leaving Los Angeles? The neighborhood inspired by Japanese culture has several buildings and a beautiful red tower.
  • Bradbury Building: Built in 1893 in a Victorian style, the office building is one of the oldest in LA and has appeared in numerous films and series. In addition, it is considered a National Historic Landmark.
  • Beverly Hills
  • You know those mansions of various artists that you hear about around? Well, know that most of them are located in Beverly Hills, a city in Los Angeles County, about 22 km from downtown LA.

Beverly Hills is synonymous with luxury and glamour, with streets full of flowers, large palm trees and several designer stores. In fact, Rodeo Drive, that famous street with palm trees, is considered one of the most chic shopping streets in the world. Try ATV Tours in California

Another attraction there is the Beverly Hills Sign which, despite not being as famous as the one in Hollywood, is worth a visit. It is located in Beverly Gardens Park at the end of Rodeo Drive.

But what tourists like to do most is walk the streets of Beverly Hills and see the mansions of Hollywood stars. And who knows, maybe not be lucky enough to bump into one of them there?

For that, there are specific tours that go through the main attractions in Hollywood, as well as tourist spots and famous mansions in Beverly Hills. The Hollywood and Houses of the Famous Tour lasts about 2 hours and is done in a panoramic bus with a guide.

Best beaches in Los Angeles:

Who has never wanted to take a dip in the beautiful beaches of California? With more than 1,300 km of stretch of sand, California’s stunning coastline is one of the most famous beach destinations in the world.

Just like in the movies, Los Angeles beaches have all that scenery made up of piers, parks, white sand, sea with good waves and lots of beautiful people. And a trip to discover the Pacific Coast – the Californian coast road – is more than mandatory in your itinerary.

By the way, a very common habit by the residents of Los Angeles themselves, is to rent a bike and go to the beaches of the region. This way, you can get even more into the mood and, at the same time, enjoy beautiful landscapes.

In all, there are 120 km of beaches in Los Angeles, however, we have selected the best ones for you to discover and take your dream dive.

Santa Monica Beach:

Located about 28 km from Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica beach has been the scene of several American movies and series. Therefore, it is one of the most famous beaches on the entire coast of California.

Venice Beach:

Located very close to Santa Monica, Venice Beach is a very eclectic and diverse beach, as it is the official meeting point for various types of artists.

In addition to the artistic part, the beach also attracts many sportsmen, especially surfers in search of good waves. You can even take a surfing course and guarantee a good laugh when trying to catch a wave. On the edge of Venice Beach, skateboarding, body boarding and rollerblading is almost a tradition. For Visa Click Here


I don’t know about you, but every time I think of Malibu, I can only imagine lifeguards in red bathing suits and lots of surfers. Much of this imagination I owe thanks to the classic sitcom “S.O.S Malibu”.

With about 43 km of coastline, Malibu has one of the most exclusive stretches of sand in Los Angeles and is therefore one of the darlings of the famous. Unlike the beaches mentioned above, Malibu’s beaches are divided into several regions. The most sought after are:

El Matador Beach: has several rock formations and, therefore, provides a beautiful view, especially at sunset.

Point Dume State Beach: It has an environmental preservation area and cliffs that make the beach even more beautiful.

Surfried Beach: It’s the face of California, with crowded sand and a sea full of surfers.

Zuma Beach: the beach that was the scene of several recordings of S.O.S Malibu, and just like the series, you will see lifeguards with red buoys and a long strip of white sand, in addition to the crystal clear sea.

Manhattan Beach:

Sharing the strip of sand with the cities of Hermosa and Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach is very popular among tourists and residents of Los Angeles.

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