What to DO in San Diego?


If you are here you are probably trying to figure out if visiting San Diego in one day is possible and, if so, you want to understand what are the truly unmissable things to see in the city.

Did I guess?

If so, I have good and bad news to tell you.

The good news is that, in one day, you can get an idea of ​​at least the center and the main attractions.

The bad thing is that one day there will never be enough to see it well as, despite its small size, there are so many things to see.


San Diego in one day, can you?

The answer is yes, of course you can.

But be careful, if the question was “San Diego in one day, would you recommend it?” the answer would have been absolutely no.

I literally loved San Diego and I firmly believe that dedicating just one day to it is a real shame.

However, I know that many decide to dedicate only one day to it, traveling back and forth from Los Angeles.

So yes, San Diego can be visited (superficially) in one day, selecting from home what are the things we absolutely want to see, in order not to miss a second once in the city. Planing to visit Australia Click Here


The city is small, is there really so much to see?

To answer this question, and to better understand the places I’m going to tell you about in this article.

Reading it you will realize that there are so many things to see in San Diego (and I haven’t even written them all!).

This is why I do not recommend you to see San Diego in one day, you would have to give up some of the must see of the city and it would be a great shame.


How many days it would be ideal to spend in San Diego

In my opinion at least two days, three would be ideal.

For example, I spent 2 nights in the city, one full day and two half days but I was unable to see everything I wanted.

I will have to go back there, naturally staying in the same hotel as the first time !!

Which? The most beautiful hotel in the city for music lovers, the Hard Rock Hotel.

Thanks to a good offer, we stayed right there: it is beautiful, it is located in the best neighborhood of the city, it offers free bike rental, organizes many events and who knows, maybe you could end up in the room where one of your favorites stayed. For More Blogs Click here


And, even if you are not a music fan, I still recommend it.

The location makes it perfect for visiting the city by day and partying in the evening, great for getting around on foot, by bicycle or by public transport without ever moving your car.

But now we come to us and see what to see and what to do in San Diego if you are in a hurry and only have a day or two available.


A day in San Diego, tips for optimizing your visit:

You can only spend one day in San Diego and you just can’t choose what are the truly unmissable things to see in the city?

In a little while I will tell you what the unmissable things are for me, the ones that absolutely must be seen.

But first I want to give you 3 tips of fundamental importance if you decide to visit San Diego in one day:

The first piece of advice is certainly to limit yourself exclusively to the city itself, avoiding going to Point.
The second is to leave the beaches aside since those, if you are taking a tour of the west or California, you will almost certainly see them in Santa Monica or Venice Beach.
The third is to get around by car. In San Diego the traffic is not as crazy as that of Los Angeles and using your car will allow you to optimize your visit, not wasting your very little time in unnecessary waiting.

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